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SALTO latest developments

SALTO Systems has taken the next leap forward in RFID security technology. With the introduction of AELEMENT the day of the off line hotel lock is over. Now you can control your property's security, grant access privileges and gather data from every door without leaving your desk.

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GEO - Electronic Cylinder

Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform, GEO (Global Electronic Opening) is a versatile, cost effective solution and its compact size and easy installation makes it the ideal electronic locking system for almost any type of door.

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One card, one technology unlimited possibilities

Introducing the new SALTO XS4 RFID system,a new concept in access control that allows you to jump up to the next level when when your needs change. SALTO Systems unique new networked lock set can be used for a huge range of access control applications. It's the first RFID system that can be upgraded at any time.

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The electronic SALTO thumbturn cylinder is, an excellent access control solution for those doors where fitting an electronic handleset is not possible, like for instance an antique door of a protected building. The exchange of data on changes of authorizations and on events is carried out by the means of the virutal network of the respective identification media.

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3KS technology in the module system

Function 12 spring-less, massive bolting elements ( = locking pins ) are brought into specific positions via positive control of the 6 key curves, and are scanned via 2 pressure sliders. A locking bar in the core controls the crosssection profiling of the key.

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Combi-Key: 2 in 1

Combination of mechanical and electronic locking systems In practice, mechanical master key systems are often used in combination with electronic access controls for both costrelated and security reasons. This enables, for example, the property entrance to be kept under electronic surveillance whilst the doors in the inner area are organised and secured with a mechanical master key system.

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DUAL technology in the module system

Function The coding of the DUAL key takes place via 2 features that are independent of each other: a locking pin system and a lengthwise profile complement each other and represent the system's variation components. During the locking action, the position of the 12 springmounted locking pins is scanned by 2 locking sliders.

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YUMO Traders the ultimate source of hi-tech, access control solutions in Thailand.

Here you will find the most comprehensive access control solutions available anywhere in Thailand. These include the latest development from SALTO- AElement - "The RFID Hotel Lock with Wireless DNA - [WiDNA]", SALTO XS4 WIFI real-time access control products, iPhone, and Other - MIFARE and NFC cell phone compatible lock sets, economical locking solution such the EPS and 3KSplus High Security Master-Key cylinder system, FSH's new generation of electric and electronic locking, and many more. Together, these products offer unparallel performance and security and have been installed in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the world, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange Tower, United Nations Headquarters, Kings Palace in Aman, T-Mobile Headquarters in Vienna, China Telecom, European Parliament in Belgium, Heathrow Airport, Brussels,- Sydney's and Schiphol international Airport, Aman Resort in New Delhi, the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, Sidney Nuclear facility, international banks and many many more.

Our experienced staff will be more than happy to provide unbiased advice as to the most appropriate solution for your needs. For the best peace of mind why not contact us today?

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SALTO - AElement - "The RFID Hotel Lock with Wireless DNA - [WiDNA]", iPhone NFC compatible lock sets, e-primo and 3KSplus High Security Master Key System from EVVA, and Salto XS4 Mifare and iButton systems.

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